Friday, November 26, 2010

Before the year ends

I know! I'm busy as a bee (though some of my lurkers and spies cannot believe it), I miss posting here. The reason why I have the time now is because I'm watching R while she sleeps. You see, dear lurker / spy, R has fever and somehow the temp has improved. Slightly. And I realized that I haven't been updating you as I know you've been itching to know what has happened to me. Admittedly, a lot of things had happened since the time of my last post and as much as I want to put it here, I might be misconstrued again and be accused of being a psycho. So I leave that personal part to my other blog into which I know you have plans of looking around. You see, dear lurker/spy, I changed some of my settings so that you don't know or see anything that is happening to me. What you see is what you getI leave that to my fellow psycho friends to read because we rarely have the time to meet and catch up with each other.

Anyway, as I were saying, before the year ends, I want to revisit and update the status of my plans that I have plotted out early this year:

1. Take my CS Exam.
- was supposed to do it last September but circumstances during that time didn't allow me to. It became a blessing in disguise, as I can really schedule and prepare this for summer - April 2011.

2. Defend my masters.
- didn't do it again. Guess time and work swamped me, but that's not an excuse. Right now I'm trying some other options which hopefully will work out.

3. Financially independent and stable.
- accomplished! And I am pretty happy with the progress so far. Little by little, I'm getting there.

4. Have a fulfilling career as a working mom.
- accomplished! I would like to believe that I have a good work-life balance. =)

5. Will spend quality time with children. Set separate dates for each. (though I already started with the little girl)
- accomplished! Kumon period / Saturdays for R, Sundays with G.

6. Open an online store to augment my income.
- as my Multiply site says, "A work in progress". Still it is. But what took its place is my sidelines / rakets / consultancy work. Yes, I do have and I am thankful to God that I never ran out of that. Almost every month I have 1 or 2 sidelines. If I don't have sidelines, God gives me something that I don't expect. Great help, indeed. So what's the verdict? Still accomplished!

7. Set Wednesdays for mass. To make it more as a commitment, I'll be hearing masses at the Shrine of Jesus.
- almost accomplished. If I can't do it at the Shrine, at least in the chapel near our area. And may I add that there are days that I go to mass also?

Oh-kay. Out of 7 tasks / goals / plans that I have for 2010, I accomplished...5 out 7 (if you count the last one). Not bad, not bad at all. And since my birthday is coming up, I'm planning to do some personal planning (again) as I think I can't do that during the season in preparation for 2011. But definitely I want fireworks during the New Year to drive away the bad luck and evil spirits and lurkers / spies. Hmm, since we're going to Binondo, might as well look for incense for that.

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