Sunday, May 2, 2010

My 2 experiments - er, projects

Easter Sunday saw me doing some personal projects which I am somehow proud to say.. successful heehee.

This is experiment #1. I made these figures from plaster of paris and my molds came from an ice cube maker with shapes (for lack of a better term) The red ones are painted from poster paint, which I should say, not that ok because they have a sort-of a matte finish. A professor in fine arts confirmed that I should paint them with acrylic for it to be shiny and glossy and prior to that, varnish it first for long-lasting color. Poster paint, on the other hand, can be removed since it is water based.

Update: Just got a few acrylic paints (it's a bit expensive, so I realized) and will paint them as soon as I can.

Experiment #2. From this pile of scratch papers (which my little girl and I accumulated during the school year)....

To this...

Just add padding glue, and voila! I have 3 "pad papers"!! Now we have papers to write on and make reviewers for this coming school year.

Except for the plaster of paris which I am not yet done, I should say I am pretty proud of what I did :)

Liliw trip

Last April 10 saw me and my MOH boarding a bus going to Liliw.

It was a long, overdue trip for us since we always schedule and yet get cancelled for personal or non-negotiable reasons.

Finally, we hit off the road!! For more pictures, you can check my Facebook account.