Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

My Holy Week was good and a lot happened and this post will tell it all.

It was our Institutional Shutdown that's why I have a short vacation. It gave me time to prepare my things for Cavite and made some personal errands as well.

Holy Monday saw me accompanying my mom to Padre Pio's shrine in C5. It was an oasis amidst the busy metropolis. There I made my prayers and petitions and asked for Padre Pio's intercession that my prayers be answered.

My parents and my kids left for Cavite on Holy Tuesday. That leaves me and hubby alone - him still having work and me to meet up with a friend and will be having a meeting on Holy Wednesday. During this day, I did my personal errands and meet up with my friend. Then I got news that my meeting was cancelled. It was okay, because at least it gives me time to prepare and to fix some last-minute to do's before locking up our place. Also bought additional locks for the house as well.

Since it was declared that Holy Wednesday is half-day for some companies, I decided to go to SM Manila to wait up for hubby and my MIL and to do some last-minute shopping for the things that are needed. While waiting for them, I went to Watson's to buy cologne. While trying out the samples, an old lady passed by and smelled the cologne that I recently sprayed on. She asked what's the scent because she liked the smell and gave her a new bottle. She even thanked me (On a personal note, I think Watson's should get me as their endorser! Joke)! We then ate lunch at Savory and went home. Hubby and I followed my parents to SM DasmariƱas and I bought a prepaid card for my plug-in and ate dinner at Ted's. I ended the day (well actually, the following day at that) finishing doing the minutes and the constitution of my professional organization.

On Maundy Thursday we went to Tagaytay to hear mass. While hearing mass, I was overwhelmed again with my emotions (maybe because it is during this time that I got to stop and think) and cried to God. Oh he knows what they are. We went home and I did some home-made hair spa and rested. Started to read on my materials too.

Good Friday saw us going back to Tagaytay again to do the Stations of the Cross and the Veneration of the Cross. Ended the day at Teriyaki Boy. We went back to Manila on Black Saturday and attended the Easter Vigil at Ateneo.

Easter Sunday and Monday saw me doing some spring cleaning. Cleaned up most of the little girl's stuff and our room as well. Disposed nearly 3-4 garbage bags of trash. The rest, I have done some personal projects on it.

Well, dear lurkers and spies, that sums up my Holy Week activities. I'm sure you're itching to know what happened to me during that time and here they are :) Enjoy reading, gloating and commenting!

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