Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's with me lately?

This update is primarily for my fans, especially the lurkers and spies :)

I've been busy with work and other matters. And yes, I still have my plans. I'm planning to push through with it, but not within this quarter. Plan A will be sometime June-August while Plan B is September-October. Plan C is already implemented, as early as January. Close friends and confidantes know what Plans A - C are. Plan C is a challenge, but with God's grace I am able to do it.

I am already starting my career as a part-time consultant. God is very good with me, giving me opportunities during the start of the year until now. I still have my full-time job, mind you, but being a consultant has its perks - aside from the extra income, but also being advanced in your career and eventually a career option for me. I am happy to note that I have 2-3 projects for the month of March (2 is definite so far, the third one still for confirmation). I have done some exploratory talk to my former student on a certain project and hopefully it pushes through. Because of these opportunities (especially the 2 for March), I went to mass last Friday with gratitude that really, God never leaves us and will always provide for our needs.

As far as my online store is concerned, I spruced up my multiply site. It will not only be an online store, but a website also for my consultancy work and projects. I started my consultancy work pictures there. The online store will start around April - I don't have the time to take the pictures of my possible merchandise. I already started talking with friends who sells items and ask for consignment deals. Hopefully it will push through.

Work-wise, I am extremely busy. Budget hearing preparation and editing the resumes of the graduating students occupy me most of my office hours. Yesterday I only got to finish my presentation for the budget hearing. Tomorrow I'll have it printed and review it. Please pray that my budget proposal be approved :)

Right now my present challenge is my Wednesday mass. You see, H & I schedule our weekly date during the time during the car's color-coding schedule. That leaves me adjusting the little girl's Kumon schedule to Wednesday & Friday. But, I won't let that be a hindrance to me, good thing that a mall near the office celebrates mass during lunch time and that gives me the opportunity to hear mass. It's a sacrifice also, because it will be too darn hot.

By the way, you might notice my Plurk settings has been put in private. Though I have a Twitter account that's connected with my Plurk, the difference is that I can only state what I want and if friends ask for details, I can reply in Plurk and rant for all I care. It's hard to state your feelings and outbursts especially if there are people affected or guilty with what you said. Hence, that decision, and hence that label - lurkers and spies :)

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