Friday, February 5, 2010

Long time..

It was an eventful last part of January. Aside from my personal life, of course. It was a very, very colorful one. Work-related, thank God, it went well. Right now I'm in the midst of another busy week at the office.

So far, so good. During that time also, I get to eat Hainanese Chicken. Not only once, twice and at different places that got me hooked and researched for a recipe. A fellow blogger-mom advised me to look at a blogger-mom's recipe (I won't post the link first as I haven't asked permission from her) and I took note of it and cooked for me and hubby last weekend. It was good! Really. Can't wait for another batch and time.

As Valentine's / Chinese New Year draws near, I am considering of going to a temple to do some incense offering. To ward off negativity, its influences and spirits. As my psycho-friends tell me, it's a good thing as I have so many of these especially in the recent events. Oh, how I love them! They're my friends who really are there when I vent, rant and cry. Thank you so much.

Till here for now. Till my next update :)

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