Friday, February 12, 2010

Bank Runs

A few days ago, I went to do some personal errands, mainly doing some personal transactions to different banks. Either for payment, encashment of my checks, and deposit. I can't help but compare the service time of the banks I went to.

My first bank was the one I need to encash my check. I received a payment as speaker in one of the private schools in Metro Manila. Being one of the top banks of the country, I thought it was a breeze. But no. I spent almost an hour there. Why? They need to verify the check, fax the check to verify the signatories and most of all they charge a service fee of Php 50.00. Take note, it's not even a provincial branch. Reason for the charge? Inter-branch transaction. I can't help but compare them to BPI, wherein they (BPI) don't charge any inter-branch fees, you can encash your check anywhere real-time (because the tellers see the signature cards of all the accounts of any branch) and your transaction only lasts for 5 minutes (fronting the teller, that is and not counting the wait in line). Even if there is a long line, the encashment doesn't take long. They never even bothered to offer me anything while I was waiting. I purposely went there the moment they opened so that I won't wait that long. But, I guess, people are still warming up. Imagine, no huge transactions and people and yet I waited for almost an hour juts to get my check approved and encashed.

After that bank, I went to the rest of the banks that I need to transact and it only takes me 15 minutes tops to finish all of my transactions. At the end of the day I was pretty tired and somehow took a mental note that if ever I received a check coming from that bank and if I don't need the money yet, I would rather have it deposit to my bank and wait for it to be cleared.

I can't help it. Right now, the following banks are tops for me in terms of service (in no particular order): BDO, BPI, East West Bank, China Bank and UCPB. These are the banks I usually frequent to. For the rest.. well, I'd rather deposit their checks in my bank.

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Jerwel De Perio said...

That long? I was browsing the net on how long the clearing of the checks, and how much was it. I guess, I have to have the talent of patience for me to get my keep. Thanks for posting this!