Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's with me lately?

This update is primarily for my fans, especially the lurkers and spies :)

I've been busy with work and other matters. And yes, I still have my plans. I'm planning to push through with it, but not within this quarter. Plan A will be sometime June-August while Plan B is September-October. Plan C is already implemented, as early as January. Close friends and confidantes know what Plans A - C are. Plan C is a challenge, but with God's grace I am able to do it.

I am already starting my career as a part-time consultant. God is very good with me, giving me opportunities during the start of the year until now. I still have my full-time job, mind you, but being a consultant has its perks - aside from the extra income, but also being advanced in your career and eventually a career option for me. I am happy to note that I have 2-3 projects for the month of March (2 is definite so far, the third one still for confirmation). I have done some exploratory talk to my former student on a certain project and hopefully it pushes through. Because of these opportunities (especially the 2 for March), I went to mass last Friday with gratitude that really, God never leaves us and will always provide for our needs.

As far as my online store is concerned, I spruced up my multiply site. It will not only be an online store, but a website also for my consultancy work and projects. I started my consultancy work pictures there. The online store will start around April - I don't have the time to take the pictures of my possible merchandise. I already started talking with friends who sells items and ask for consignment deals. Hopefully it will push through.

Work-wise, I am extremely busy. Budget hearing preparation and editing the resumes of the graduating students occupy me most of my office hours. Yesterday I only got to finish my presentation for the budget hearing. Tomorrow I'll have it printed and review it. Please pray that my budget proposal be approved :)

Right now my present challenge is my Wednesday mass. You see, H & I schedule our weekly date during the time during the car's color-coding schedule. That leaves me adjusting the little girl's Kumon schedule to Wednesday & Friday. But, I won't let that be a hindrance to me, good thing that a mall near the office celebrates mass during lunch time and that gives me the opportunity to hear mass. It's a sacrifice also, because it will be too darn hot.

By the way, you might notice my Plurk settings has been put in private. Though I have a Twitter account that's connected with my Plurk, the difference is that I can only state what I want and if friends ask for details, I can reply in Plurk and rant for all I care. It's hard to state your feelings and outbursts especially if there are people affected or guilty with what you said. Hence, that decision, and hence that label - lurkers and spies :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bank Runs

A few days ago, I went to do some personal errands, mainly doing some personal transactions to different banks. Either for payment, encashment of my checks, and deposit. I can't help but compare the service time of the banks I went to.

My first bank was the one I need to encash my check. I received a payment as speaker in one of the private schools in Metro Manila. Being one of the top banks of the country, I thought it was a breeze. But no. I spent almost an hour there. Why? They need to verify the check, fax the check to verify the signatories and most of all they charge a service fee of Php 50.00. Take note, it's not even a provincial branch. Reason for the charge? Inter-branch transaction. I can't help but compare them to BPI, wherein they (BPI) don't charge any inter-branch fees, you can encash your check anywhere real-time (because the tellers see the signature cards of all the accounts of any branch) and your transaction only lasts for 5 minutes (fronting the teller, that is and not counting the wait in line). Even if there is a long line, the encashment doesn't take long. They never even bothered to offer me anything while I was waiting. I purposely went there the moment they opened so that I won't wait that long. But, I guess, people are still warming up. Imagine, no huge transactions and people and yet I waited for almost an hour juts to get my check approved and encashed.

After that bank, I went to the rest of the banks that I need to transact and it only takes me 15 minutes tops to finish all of my transactions. At the end of the day I was pretty tired and somehow took a mental note that if ever I received a check coming from that bank and if I don't need the money yet, I would rather have it deposit to my bank and wait for it to be cleared.

I can't help it. Right now, the following banks are tops for me in terms of service (in no particular order): BDO, BPI, East West Bank, China Bank and UCPB. These are the banks I usually frequent to. For the rest.. well, I'd rather deposit their checks in my bank.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Long time..

It was an eventful last part of January. Aside from my personal life, of course. It was a very, very colorful one. Work-related, thank God, it went well. Right now I'm in the midst of another busy week at the office.

So far, so good. During that time also, I get to eat Hainanese Chicken. Not only once, twice and at different places that got me hooked and researched for a recipe. A fellow blogger-mom advised me to look at a blogger-mom's recipe (I won't post the link first as I haven't asked permission from her) and I took note of it and cooked for me and hubby last weekend. It was good! Really. Can't wait for another batch and time.

As Valentine's / Chinese New Year draws near, I am considering of going to a temple to do some incense offering. To ward off negativity, its influences and spirits. As my psycho-friends tell me, it's a good thing as I have so many of these especially in the recent events. Oh, how I love them! They're my friends who really are there when I vent, rant and cry. Thank you so much.

Till here for now. Till my next update :)