Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend before the crunchtime

Crunch time here at the office means I am days before my actual activity and it means I am stressed and pressured. But thank God and His grace we will be able to push it through, that's why I looked forward to the weekend.

Weekends for busy moms like me are sacred. Not only that this is the time for me to play the role of the mom, but also to rest and to reconnect with them. And that's what I did, especially with hubby.

One of our plans this year is to spend quality time together sans the kids. Talk things over, just like honeymooners or BF-GFs. Having this resolution is a big help to both of us. Admittedly, I missed him so much. :( That's why when we went out last Saturday, it felt good. We talked, roamed around the mall and eventually saw my former student who treated us to dinner.

At the end of the day, I love him. I do. Of course, I had my own version of Elizabeth Barret Browning's poem for him. But, that's for my Valentine post. So dear lurker/reader, my request for you is to be happy for us, don't be too wary but instead pray for us.

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