Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TGIF MOA's most disappointed and unhappy customer

Yup, that's me. Not only me, but my family as well.

Will be posting here my letter of complaint addressed to their GM. I also copy furnished the Marketing Department of the Bistro Group. Please, feel free to cut and paste my post in your blog as well. So that the public may know and be aware of.

General Manager TGI Friday's MOA

Dear General Manager,

I am writing in behalf of my family who experience the most disappointing and frustrating experience that we encountered with your branch and service crew last Sunday, Sept. 20, 2009 between 12:45 - 2:00pm.

We went to MOA with the purpose of celebrating my mom's birthday and to go to the Book Fair at the SMX. We are thinking whether to eat at Fish and Co. or at Friday's. Since we have such a great experience with Friday's we decided to eat lunch there.

We arrived at Fridays and we were greeted by your receptionist by the name of Shyne. She told us that we are third in line. We said okay and we are willing to wait. But we noticed that it took a while and then we were told that the diners are still inside waiting for the boxing match to finish. Its okay, we said. Then again, we noticed that there are customers after us keep on going in and that's the time we asked what's happening. It was only then that Shyne told us that we were 3rd in line in a big group. She didn't advise us earlier. That's the time we blew our top. We are hungry that time; my dad has to eat lunch in order to take his medicine but is willing to wait because of the good food that you serve. But your receptionist didn't even bother to offer us something. Out of frustration and anger we scolded her and I specifically told her to call her boss. She went in, and it took some time before I decided to come in and that's the time she was explaining her side to the manager. While I was complaining, she keeps on defending herself into which I scolded her to stop defending, you've done so much damage already and that you're not telling the truth. Out of anger my dad called her stupid. Your manager that time didn't do anything about it either.

When we ate at the MOA branch the first time, we were given the option that to have 2 separate tables since we are a big group into which we readily agreed. Because of that experience, we went back again. But our 2nd visit to your branch proved to be fatal and is one of the most disappointing and frustrating experience of all time. We didn't have any problem with any Friday's branch specifically Glorietta and Bonifacio High Street. Because of your exceptional service we keep on coming back. Though our tirade to the receptionist became personal that time, that we apologize, but the way she treated us ruined your customer service orientation and reputation - that, is a big no-no for us. You espouse good quality service and we expect much, yet she didn't meet our expectations. But if this matter or issue cannot be resolved, I'm afraid my family won't see much of Friday's MOA anytime soon.

cc: Marketing Department, Bistro Group

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