Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Road rage?

I am reposting this post from a friend who had first-hand traumatic experience on the road...

Last August 20 between 5:30 to 6PM.I was on my way to Podium. It was traffic and it was in EDSA and so I assumed it was normal to get caught in a traffic jam.

When suddenly your PLDT Vehicle (ZBP 776) cuts us off and starts cursing the taxi driver.They follow us and harass the taxi of which I was in. And starts cursing the taxi driver AGAIN but with a louder voice. The windows were closed but I can hear them and as if It wasn't enough they stop their vehicle i nfront on the taxi get down.3 Men get out of the vehicle and 2 of them starts pounding the taxi my window included and demands the taxi driver to get down.A man pulls out a knife.I was appalled and shocked at their behavior to say the least.

I'm sure they would say that it was the taxi driver's fault. But I really think they should know better being educated and working for a prestigious company like PLDT. These people represent their company and they would do that to a taxi driver not even caring that there was a passenger.I'm sure that they will say that its not their fault.

I will tell it as I see it This was ego and power tripping to the highest level. I maybe just a passenger and I can still feel the trauma up to now. I even had to call my doctor because my palpitations was so bad I thought I
was going to have a heart attack.I'm scared to ride a taxi..I freak out when I see a PLDT vehicle.

I would like to put on record the mental agony that I have undergone. No one should have the go through the trauma that I went through. I maybe just be a simple citizen but I too have a voice and this voice
would like to be heard and would not be kept silent.

She doesn't deserve that. I take cabs and horror stories such as these makes me more scared to ride alone. If you know someone who works at PLDT, please, please, let them know this. Let's not be silent on this.

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