Monday, June 1, 2009

Money and Marriage

I just have to apologize to the misis out there. Wanted to post,  but work and studies swamped me up. Here's trying to catch up with this week's topic!

Before we got married, I already made some investments. You see, I was a solo parent before getting married. Let me make this clear though: this is my first and only marriage. I didn't married the guy who donated his sperm simply because he disowned my eldest. (that's another post). So having a baby out of wedlock, fresh out of college has made some drastic changes in my lifestyle and handling money. Now I need to budget everything. Which made me also realize that I need to invest in my daughter's education, healthcare and my personal insurance. So, in summary, I have an educational plan and personal insurance. The healthcare is being given by the workplace. I also have some credit cards but I specifically separate them for groceries and emergency cases (like confinements or treatments that is not included in the healthcare package).

When hubby and I started our wedding preps, we didn't open a joint account. It's more of a 50-50 contribution. So off we go to check affordable and within budget suppliers and most of our wedding paraphernalia was DIY. But we unanimously agreed that instead of accepting gifts or be enrolled in the bridal registry, we would like to accept cash so that we have funds of our own. Which our guests didn't let us down. We received a modest sum and invested it in mutual funds. But it didn't last long. Family emergency (specifically on his side) came and we were forced to use the money into which until now I have no idea if it was given back or not.

Right now there are no hard and fast rules on our end. We consulted each other and arrive at a mutual decision. If there are conflicts, we simply talk about it and decide without compromising our stand. I think it's basic - communication and trust, especially in this topic, don't you agree? If so..

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JO said...

It's hard if on top of your own family, you still have to support extended family members.

It's a good thing hubby and I don't have that kind of a problem... and I hope we will never have to.

meeya said...

hi france, communication and trust indeed are key to a good relationship, especially in terms of money matters. :)

i have to say din that i think you did a good job in investing in your own and your daughter's health and future. that's very mature and very responsible. i'm sure your wisdom in these matters are very valuable in your current relationship with your hubby. :)