Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chika Tuesdays: What will I do with Php180M?

I would say this is my first post for the Tuesday edition of the Wifespeaks. Php180M is supposedly the pot for the lotto which somebody won recently. If given the chance, the opportunity and the blessing to have this much moolah, I would do...

1) pay off all our debts! (who doesn't have one?)
2) fully pay all my children's educational plans
3) fully pay my personal insurance
4) invest for our children's future (invest in mutual funds or trust funds)
5) get my hubby his own insurance
6) get our own home
7) give to our community
8) get a memorial plan for me and my hubby (morbid, I know, but you'll never know)
9) invest for our retirement (same as #4 but that's for us)
10) travel - domestic muna before international ;)
11) set up own business (have something running now, but need to have on our own - it's my mom's baby)

I think the list will go on. But these are the first things that came to mind. I will continue to work (my salary being my "allowance", heehee). Seriously, it boils down to responsibility and simple living. It won't last long, but it will be a big help. Plus, prayers are still the best weapon for that.

How about you, dear reader? Have any thing in mind? 

Wifespeaks: Chika Tuesday


duskfading said...

Galing ah. Parang naguilty naman ako sa post ko haha!

Just dropping by po ;)

Cynch said...


mas nakaka-guilty yung post ko! hahahaha!


haba ng list mo ah! pero tama ka, the list will go on and on... haayyy sarap talaga mangarap!

France said...

@duskfading - hehe. i have some wants too, pero the needs gets the better of me haha!

@cynch - libre naman mangarap! :)

btw girls, can i add you sa blogroll ko?

AnnaVille said...

agree! importanteng isipin ang "needs" over the "wants"...

here's mine:

WS Chika Tuesday: Winning the Lottery