Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The IL Factor

Pahabol kong entry ito sa mga misis.. (my last-minute entry for the mrs) for the Monday Memoirs!

Marrying hubby was also getting the whole barangay. Plus with all the traditions. You see, we don't came from the same province. He's Kampampangan, I'm Ilongga. And we are the opposites though they say we look alike, hehe.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Am I a shopaholic?

For today's topic, let me try to answer the survey... (my answers are in red)

Shopping Allowance…

(a) Hubby gives me on a monthly basis…
(b) I save up for my own.
(c) Non-existent.
(d) Depending on whatever’s left in the budget.
I buy only twice a year - before classes start and christmas time 

The bulk of my shopping money or “extra cash” goes to…
(a) Bags
(b) Shoes
(c) Clothes
(d) Jewelry
(e) Books
(f) Gadgets
(g) Make-Up
(h) All of the Above
none of the above - more on savings or bonding time (i.e., date) with my daughter when we have mom-daughter time

The one kikay item that I can never live without, even if it’s worth my last penny is none.

The most expensive kikay item that I have or had, but I think is worth every centavo is none.

The best place to shop for affordable but quality goods is at:
For Clothes/ Bags/ Shoes:
depends on the style. i agree with the saying that if i can't find it in my size, then it's not my time to buy. but if I do, you will see me at woman (for clothes), sm and landmark (for shoes and bags)
For Gadgets:
i have a china phone hehe, so sa bangketa lang yun!
For Books:
normally book sale. but with my dad filling up our house with books, no need for me to look for one!
For Make-Up:
i have new and unused hand-me-downs of estee lauder blush on and eye shadow from my mom. but for face powder, it's pond's for me. 
For Jewelry:
our ninang in the wedding! she's the one who gave us our wedding rings as gift. but i'm more of the accessories type, so... divisoria is the place to go ;)

If you cannot afford a brand new Louis Vuitton, you will…
(a) Buy pre-owned ones at lower prices
(b) Save up and wait until you can afford it
(c) Swipe the card anyway and think about the bills later
(d) Buy a similar type from the more affordable brand

Who is the bigger spender in terms of shopping? none. 
(a) Me!
(b) The Hubby!
(c) Same

Have you ever splurged on something that was not really worth it? If yes, what item? none 

Is there any kikay item or any gadget that you are currently saving up for, care to share? i already have my gadget - it's a laptop 

Are you the type who goes to the mall, and can never leave empty-handed? nope

I just realized that I'm a scrooge, after all.. heehee :)

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chi-Cha na!

Ah, food. It's the centerpiece in every Filipino household. This is where the "Board" meets, where decisions are consulted and made and announcements be taken simply like a grain of salt.

Between me and hubby, it is hubby who mostly loves to cook. But don't get me wrong, I also cook, but he's the one with the most required spices such as thyme, cumin and the like. He doesn't like ready-made sauces and wants the real thing. I also have my share of recipes and tips, and recently I thought of doing a spaghetti sauce that can serve as nacho / tostilla chip dip. It was such a hit that my family wants me to cook that often. Also recently my mom taught me how to cook her infamous grilled squid in garlic sauce. Yummy!

So where are the tips here? Maybe I can share here the recipe for the grilled pusit:


Squid (the big one, yung tawag nilang lumot ba yun?), body should be semi-cut into serving pieces (most supermarkets have this already sliced and even marinated)
Finely chopped garlic

1. In a pan, fry the garlic until it turns golden brown. Your oil should be at least 1 - 1 1/2 cup. Set aside.
2. Grill the squid. Put a tinfoil under the grill so that the squid will not harden. Squids are easy to cook.
3. Put the cooked squid in a platter and pour over the garlic and the oil. Serve.

Depending on the size of your squid, 2 big ones can serve as dinner already. Hope you like it!

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chika Tuesdays: What will I do with Php180M?

I would say this is my first post for the Tuesday edition of the Wifespeaks. Php180M is supposedly the pot for the lotto which somebody won recently. If given the chance, the opportunity and the blessing to have this much moolah, I would do...

1) pay off all our debts! (who doesn't have one?)
2) fully pay all my children's educational plans
3) fully pay my personal insurance
4) invest for our children's future (invest in mutual funds or trust funds)
5) get my hubby his own insurance
6) get our own home
7) give to our community
8) get a memorial plan for me and my hubby (morbid, I know, but you'll never know)
9) invest for our retirement (same as #4 but that's for us)
10) travel - domestic muna before international ;)
11) set up own business (have something running now, but need to have on our own - it's my mom's baby)

I think the list will go on. But these are the first things that came to mind. I will continue to work (my salary being my "allowance", heehee). Seriously, it boils down to responsibility and simple living. It won't last long, but it will be a big help. Plus, prayers are still the best weapon for that.

How about you, dear reader? Have any thing in mind? 

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Money and Marriage

I just have to apologize to the misis out there. Wanted to post,  but work and studies swamped me up. Here's trying to catch up with this week's topic!

Before we got married, I already made some investments. You see, I was a solo parent before getting married. Let me make this clear though: this is my first and only marriage. I didn't married the guy who donated his sperm simply because he disowned my eldest. (that's another post). So having a baby out of wedlock, fresh out of college has made some drastic changes in my lifestyle and handling money. Now I need to budget everything. Which made me also realize that I need to invest in my daughter's education, healthcare and my personal insurance. So, in summary, I have an educational plan and personal insurance. The healthcare is being given by the workplace. I also have some credit cards but I specifically separate them for groceries and emergency cases (like confinements or treatments that is not included in the healthcare package).

When hubby and I started our wedding preps, we didn't open a joint account. It's more of a 50-50 contribution. So off we go to check affordable and within budget suppliers and most of our wedding paraphernalia was DIY. But we unanimously agreed that instead of accepting gifts or be enrolled in the bridal registry, we would like to accept cash so that we have funds of our own. Which our guests didn't let us down. We received a modest sum and invested it in mutual funds. But it didn't last long. Family emergency (specifically on his side) came and we were forced to use the money into which until now I have no idea if it was given back or not.

Right now there are no hard and fast rules on our end. We consulted each other and arrive at a mutual decision. If there are conflicts, we simply talk about it and decide without compromising our stand. I think it's basic - communication and trust, especially in this topic, don't you agree? If so..

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