Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Food Trip!

I would like to apologize for not posting yesterday. Was busy at my activity in a school in QC. But this topic for the Misis - I won't miss this because this one is close to my heart - food!

When I was single, I love going out with friends, trying a new restaurant or diner and have nightcap afterwards. When I got married, I still do that - either with my girlfriends or with hubby. We also do the same thing - try out the new restaurants or simply go back to our old-time favorite. But sometimes we don't agree on the restaurant. We somehow have this unwritten commitment and agreement that if my spouse wants this, you'll have to wait for your turn after.

We were in Baguio last year attending a friend's wedding when this diner caught our eye on the first night. It was really an old-style diner, the one you would imagine servers in roller skates, it brings you back to the 50s - 60s era. We decided to eat lunch there before heading off to Manila. Now we know why it is always full of people. See the picture? See the bread? Yup, it's not cake or butter toast or 2 bread slices stacked together, but they are BREAD. And with that big serving of spaghetti, one might think that it's expensive, but that alone costs Php90.00 only. Unbelievable, noh? And oh, before I forgot, it's yummy too :) Our bill for lunch that time reached 200-300 I think. 

So next time you hie up to Baguio, look for this diner - 50's Diner. It's located along Leonard Wood Road.


Munchkin Mommy said...

hi france! thanks for joining foodiewednesday. :)

my hubby and i have always loved trying out new restaurants. and since we've only been in texas for two years, ang daming new restaurants for us to try, but with our 4-year old daughter in tow na. :)

by the way, you posted your link on the wrong entry. i hope you don't mind going back to the WS website and posting your link HERE.

France said...

nyak! so sorry! reposted it na :)

Twinkie said...

WOW!!! We'll try to look for it pag bisita sa Pinas. I am a HUGE FAN os spaghetti. :D Thanks ha!

meeya said...

hi france, kami rin ng asawa ko we love to try out new eateries. we've discovered a lot about each other, too, while doing that. :)

the spag does indeed look yummy, and the bread is intriguing. :)

thanks for joining WSFW! :)

jen said...

Foodies Unite!

My husband and I like trying new restos too! I'll definitely have this on my list of must try. Makapag-aya nga sa baguio... :D

France said...

Twinkie - I am a big fan of spaghetti, especially the one of Makati Supermarket! Yummy!

Jen, if you're familiar with PNKY home, dun sila malapit :)