Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fab Finds!

Wifespeaks: Fab Finds Thursday

I just need to post this before buckling down at work (read: reports due today hehe)

At the start of our wedding preps, I made sure that hubby is there when we buy supplies or materials needed. As for the suppliers, he gives a free hand on it (as long as he pays hehe). So, in the course of our wedding preps, we are frequent visitors of Divisoria and Market! Market! which during that time just opened. I can't say that we are on a tight budget, but most of our items found in the picture are DIYs, something borrowed, and of course, something new. My something new are: my shoes are from Janeo which I still use it up to now when we attend formal occasions, sandalwood fans from Divi (we got it at Php6 each from Php8), flowers from angelic blooms (which I was a bit apprehensive later because of the horror stories that the brides experienced from them - but they performed well on me) and the unity coins that I got from W@W :) the unity coins was a subject of discussion between me and my hubby because he wants old coins, I want the new ones for it to be different. You know who won, hehe. Something borrowed there is the cord from my friend. Actually she was very generous enough in letting me borrow her cord, veil and pillows :) thanks S! The DIYs there are the misalette, candles and the matchboxes.

For me it's a Fab find because we get to have looks at less price but still look stylish and expensive :) And that's one of the comments I received from people during our wedding :)

PS. I just have to acknowledge our photographer, Mr. Jaime Elizaga :) he's a fab find too!

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nel's bebi said...

sipag nyo mag-DIY a. good for you. true more value for the bucks! kami rin nun andalas pumunta sa divi, hahaha
thanks for joining!

Twinkie said...

Go ako sa mga ganyang decisions! You really know where to put more and less (but still looks more). :)

meeya said...

i have never been a creative person kaya hindi ko na tinangka mag-DIY ng anything for my wedding, hehe! kaya naman i am always so impressed when people create something beautiful and precious with their own two hands. :)

thanks for joining! :D