Friday, May 15, 2009

The Art of Letting Go

In one of my egroups, someone asked if anyone has their wedding gowns and would want to part of it. At the instant I would say yes and give it to that person, but a part of me says wait a minute. A part of me asks, "don't you have any sentimental value to it? like it's the dress that you wore on your wedding day!" or better yet - "isn't it that you plan to have it dry-cleaned and vacuum-seal it so that you can give it to your daughter or daughter-in-law when their day comes?" Another part would say - " it's taking up space. it would be good if you have a container van or a basement where you can keep it, but for how long? and besides, how can you be so sure that your daughter will get married? (she might enter the convent or become single for the rest of her life)? and you're dictating what she would wear, not giving her own freedom to design and choose."

A lot came to mind, actually. But basically, I know how it feels to prepare for the wedding and the expenses keep on piling up as the day approaches. I have been there. Because of the budget, most of my wedding stuffs are DIYs. And after the wedding, what?

Maybe that's how I decided on letting the dress go. It would be good though if I want to wear it again, but where? Maybe because also I am not too sentimental on those items that would gather space and dust. And I think it's about time to de-clutter and let go of some things that takes up space and dust. And that dress is a start. But don't ask me about the unity coins - that I won't let go! Hehe. ;)


Ria said...

I have my wedding dress preserved in an air tight box. :-)

France said...

Hi Ria!

That's my plan actually! But we don't have a house of our own yet, so it's a "space waste". I told the one who I gave my dress to that if she doesn't want it, I'll be glad to take it back :)