Sunday, April 26, 2009

Here's hoping

PAL just recently announced its promo for international flights. Just imagine, $58 for a round trip to Hong Kong! My mom suddenly said, "Let's go!" So to cut the long story short, we'll go to HK!

It's not only me, but also the little girl and my brother. You might ask where's hubby in all of this, well, someone needs to take care of the little boy while we are away. And besides, he will go with my dad in Iloilo during the long weekend (June 12-14).

Here's hoping that we'll definitely go by then. I mean, it's a great blessing for us to go there and I'm sure the little girl will definitely enjoy since we're going to HK Disneyland.

This coming week, I'll be out of the office - 2 days of institutional meetings and 2 days of VL. After which, I'll have 2 full weeks of work (because my little girl will have her summer class) and the remaining 2 weeks of May will be devoted to VLs. What to do? Well, aside from personal errands, need to do my never-ending paper. Ah, the pressure...

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