Sunday, March 22, 2009

An "unfortunate" event

Though it is somewhat similar to the book, I must say, a lot has happened and I agree, it was unfortunate. This is just what happened last Friday.

Friday saw me attending the Baccalaureate Mass in the morning and fetching my daughter at her Kumon class in the afternoon. She had her achievement test, and she passed so that she can proceed to the next level. After her Kumon, we went straight to the ENT to have her ear checked. She was given an ottic solution so that her ear wax softens so that when Monday comes, the ENT will need to clean it out.

After the check-up we went to SM Manila to wait for hubby so that we can go home together. I was so looking forward to go home that day because I want to try the Hot Oil treatment that I got from Watson's as I am having some concerns with my hair, and at the same time rest because I have a lecture the following day at CSB (read: raket hehe). We decided that hubby will drop us off at the corner near our house so that he can go directly to his class in the evening. 

But everything changed in an instant. We met an accident. Don't want to go into gory details (well if you insist, just pm me). Bottomline, no one was hurt (though the little girl is shaking, I was irritated, my MIL was a bit nervous but hubby is still...calm) except for the other party (as of press time, he is okay) and our car.

Though I can say firmly it was really not our fault, but something happened and it is never be the same for us. It was a lesson learned and we will definitely learn from it. As of press time also, so far, I am okay. So far. I guess I am still in a state of shock and somehow, eventually, will really need to face it. How? I guess I'll take it a day at a time. I will survive this. Like with all my previous issues, if I can handle them, I am sure I can handle this also. 

My request - just pray for us and support us. Thank you.

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