Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hectic Weekends

My March weekends never looked so hectic! Up until the 3rd weekend of April, I think. Let's see why it's so hectic...

March 7-8 - went home to Pacita
March 14-15 - Island Cove with the kids
March 21-22 - will facilitate a seminar then dinner with the household at Superbowl (we won during the Christmas party and it's our prize!) and the College Graduation on Sunday
March 28-29 - Crossroads Retreat
April 4-5 - Start of the Holy Week
April 11-12, Easter Vigil weekend
April 19 - My son's third birthday

I am so looking forward to the College Shutdown wherein we have no office. Gives me time to rest and spend time with my kids. I also have x number of leaves left, and I am still thinking when to avail them given some changes that will happen in the summer.

What I am not sure of is when we will be going to Pacita for the Holy Week and if we are to spend summer at Pacita as well.

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