Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wounded Healer

I think I considered myself as that. I was wounded so many times, and I learned to rise and learn from those experiences. From what I understand, a wounded healer is someone who is goes through the pain and wounds and learns to rise up again and helps other people to overcome the same or similar situations just as he/she has undergone.

I've been in and out of relationships and I can't claim that I am an expert in love and relationships simply because I always fall. Like a phoenix, I rise up again, feeling loved and forgiven by God who I know from the very start of those situations frowns on it and yet in order for me to realize and grow, He made me go through it. Just like a parent. As much as you want to protect your child, you simply cannot because how will they know the right from wrong if you keep on shielding them, hiding them from it?

As an afterthought, I also realized why God was really not blessing those situations because some things might have happened without the God's blessings. I now shudder at the thought of not abiding by God. Otherwise, where will I be right now?

Oooh, I'm such a brat.

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