Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My funny Valentine

In our community, hubby and I are part of this household (that's what we call our small group for married people). Since it's love month, we have been tasked to give to our respective spouses a gift worth only Php100.00. Yup, you read that right. Php100.00 only. No more.

To be honest, I was expecting hubby to give me flowers (assuming talaga ako, haha!) but what he did was he went home to his parents last weekend and spent the occassion there. So, no gift for me. but when he came back Sunday, he gave me a heavy gift. When I opened it, what I got was...

3 KitKat white chunky and 3 Choc-Nut.

3 meaning I love you.

He knows those are my favorite chocolates.

Now it's my turn to give him something.

And I'm still in a dilemma what to give.

Any suggestions? :)

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