Monday, February 9, 2009

Much delayed post about Baguio

This is one of the unexpected trip for both of us. Hubby's friend is getting married in the city of pines (which we also considered before hehehe) and somehow it came as a surprise and expectation from hubby that she's (yep, it's a girl) getting married after a breakup with her BF who, coincidentally is also their friend.

After she told us that she's getting married and that we saw her invitation, being the OC person that I am, somehow I am well-versed with travel - from reserving to places to go. Of course with a budget. While my last visit to Baguio was around 8 years ago, I still won't forget the hotel where we stayed - Vacation Hotel Baguio. Was about to check them out when I heard that they already closed. Sad.

While surfing the net, I chanced upon the website of PNKY home. It was idyllic, it was refreshing and most of all - affordable! I called them up to make sure that their rates have not changed as what is based on their website. I personally fell in love with the place because of the pictures that they presented and that they are affordable. When the rates where confirmed, I immediately booked our room and bought tickets.

December 6 saw us celebrating his birthday going up to Baguio. Left Manila past 6, it was a smooth travel until we reached the terminal at Baguio. Hubby's friend and his GF were waiting for us and they are also staying at PNKY. PNKY Home was located at Leonard Wood Rd which was accessible to almost everything - even SM Baguio and the terminal. From the terminal it took us 5-10 minutes to reach PNKY and boy, was the place heavenly! I liked the place - it's quaint, quiet and what you see in the pictures is what you get. What I didn't count on was it was located right in front of the famous white haunted house of Baguio. After checking in, we went to SM Baguio for lunch. I think this is the SM Mall that doesn't have any AC (obviously, hehe) We plan to eat there and accompany Darius to look for his polo to be used for the wedding the following day. We ate in one of the local restaurants there but had the shock of our lives. While waiting for our orders to be served, we were surprised to see a rat (like Ratatouille) entered the restaurant! I guess since the area is open, anything can come in. Parang nawalan na kami ganang kumain after seeing that. But somehow it didn't show when our food arrived hehe!

Our first night saw us having dinner at one of the resto-bar that's near PNKY - Brod Pit's. It is actually co-owned by Brod Pete himself. We had dinner and the boys drank beer in celebration of hubby's birthday and continued the session back at the hotel. I wanted to go down and join them, but I can't stand the freezing temperature of Baguio. Grabeng lamig talaga! Called it a night because the wedding starts at 9am the following day.

Sunday morning saw us taking breakfast together at the PNKY Cafe and it was yummy :) we prepared for the wedding and went to church for the wedding. It was far and since taxis are somehow rare in that area (compared to downtown), we are seriously planning to take a jeep (yes, in our formal wear) and go down were taxis are "abundant". Thankfully a taxi came and we were able to go to the reception area on time.

Reception was held at the Baguio Country Club. Food was warm and sumptuous. As the festivities went on, I can't help but remember MY wedding day. Sure, it was full of surprises and stress, but nevertheless, I enjoyed. While the AVP of the newlyweds was being shown, I also can't help but wonder what happened between her and the previous one while watching the uncanny resemblance of her groom with her ex. After eating, we really have to go because Darius and GF needs to goback to Manila for work the following day. As for us - hubby is on leave while I don't have classes (immaculate Concepcion Day) so we decided to stay 1 more day in Baguio.

We left Baguio Monday afternoon and bought some items as souvenir for the family. It was a trip worth taking, and we definitely agree that PNKY is the best bed and breakfast for us and when we plan to go there, we will definitely stay there.

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