Monday, February 23, 2009

Long post about our holidays

Again, I am house-bound. By virtue of PGMA's announcement that educational institutions will have no classes due to EDSA 1. I think its a lame excuse for not being blamed by the people that she "forgot" to declare it.

But since I am here in the house, might as well post what happened to us during the Christmas holidays. Forgive me, due to the busyness I forgot to post (plus the fact that we don't have interet connections during that time) so here I am, catching up with overdue posts. Let's start it off..

My last day at work was December 19. So we prepared to leave by Saturday, December 20, to spend the Christmas holidays at my in-laws. This is one disadvantage though when you don't have a house of your own - you get to shuttle from one house to the next during holidays. That year, Christmas was to be spent at my in-laws while the new year will be with my family. And boy, when you say Christmas in the Philippines, by golly, for me by far it's the most busiest holidays ever! Like in our case - Christmas Day saw us hearing mass first then went to QC to visit hubby's relatives. After which we went to SM Manila to have hubby's polo exchanged for another size (wrong estimate on my part, hehe) and eventually headed off to Cavite where we had dinner with my family.

December 26 saw us going to Pampanga to visit hubby's grandmother and the following day, December 27, we went to Alabang for some shopping and grocery. We missed the Makati Supermarket Coffee Shop so much that we ate there! Well, actually, it was more of a personal request on my part if ever we go home to Pacita, we make it a point to eat at Makati Supermarket :) Sunday came and we went back to Festival Mall to replace the charger Ate Merle bought and just simply rested.

We left Pacita for Cavite on December 30 and spent the New Year until Jan. 1. January 1 was again, busy day because we have to go back to Makati, little brother needs to buy a router (so that the house will be wi-fi which is currently in place) and we need to fix things here. During that time I took home some office work (plus my never-ending paper) and worked on them into which it was an achievement because I get to finish all of them! Thank God!

Early part of January saw me meeting up with P. We had a great time together, catching up stories (for we haven't met for a long time) and eventually got busy for my Job Fair then.

So you see, getting married is literally fun and challenging, and it is true that not only have you married your hubby, but the whole clan as well. But that, is another post.

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