Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's summertime!

Pag-asa reported that summertime came earlier than expected. Normally summer comes in at around mid-March. But, we are feeling the sweat and heat already.

Since it's summertime already, hubby and I are thinking of ways how and where to spend summer with the kids (since the little girl will be on vacation by then). We are thinking of family fun, some driving, some cultural heritage trips so that my children would know how they became who they are and appreciate it. In spite of the heat, I'm sure they will enjoy because it will be so relaxing and inviting.

Speaking of Arizona, recently hubby and I are discussing of the possibility of having a house of our own. I'm looking at homes in Scottsdale in Arizona just to get an idea what do we really want in a community - with a country club where the kids can enjoy swimming and playing and also provide a security and safety for us. But most of all, the feeling of being a part of a community is a big plus for us.

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