Thursday, February 19, 2009


I'm on leave today. Not because I want to, but I have to. I need to sit down and do some personal things that needs my utmost attention. Office work has been very toxic lately because of the clearance requirements of the graduating students and the recently-concluded mock interviews of the third year - we are encoding their results to be given to them and to their department chairs and deans as well. Of course, that is one of the deliverables that I need to to submit to my boss as part of my year-end report.

I grabbed the opportunity to take a leave (I have excess hours that's equivalent to 2 days) to finish hopefully a portion of it. I also took some time to finish a personal project (I'll post some pictures before I give it to a friend of mine) then I'll have some "kikay" moments (foot spa to be exact).

I guess work took a toll on me when I woke up almost lunch time today. Right now I'm blogging away then do my paper na. Seriously. Log off muna ako!

PS. While I was reading my post about Baguio, I completely forgot this - we ate at Diners on our last day. The servings are really big (please see my multiply site for the pictures) and the best part of which we caught the freezing temperature of Baguio (less than 10 degrees to be exact) :)

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