Friday, February 13, 2009


I got introduced to reading books by my mom at the age of 9 and it started with a Nancy Drew book. After that, I'm hooked. I got this trait from my dad who love reading books as pastime (and until now). From Nancy Drew I also entered the phase of reading Sweet Dreams, Perry Masons and the like until I read my first John Grisham novel - The Firm. I instantly became a John Grisham fan.

Even after graduating in college, I still read books as my first job was not that busy and stressful. But when little girl came along and me enrolling in the graduate school, my readings from novel became articles, textbooks and case studies. Leisure reading took a back seat. I got my groove back when I started reading the Paulo Coelho books and even asked my dad to give me the Lord of the Rings books into which I really devoured before their movies were shown. You may consider me a late bloomer in the Harry Potter series, but I catch up pretty quick until the last book. Same with the Twilight Series (though I haven't started with the last one, Breaking Dawn). But am not a fan of sci-fi books. Of course, the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons of Dan Brown are tops on my list of good books.

I saw John Grisham again. I almost read all of his books and simply cannot pass up the opportunity to buy his new book (which hubby has mixed feelings kasi nga mahal!) and started devouring it.

Of course, I am also a fan of Max Lucado. That's why I considered this a good find because I saw his book at Book Sale for only Php180! Loot talaga! After reading John Grisham, this book can be my Lenten / Holy Week reflection.

I'm going back in the groove of reading again :) Happy weekend, everyone!

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