Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fully Booked Schedule

This time of the year is really a hectic period for all. Not only that it's a shortened period (last banking day is on December 24), but everything is in a rush and looonnngggg queues can be a bit irritating.

For me in particular, I need to finish EVERYTHING before December 19. You might ask why - because it's the last day for us in school, at the same time my nanny will have her off for 3 days so full-time mom ako nun. Also, we will be staying at my in-laws place until Christmas time so in short, domesticated ang buhay ko nun. But I'll be bringing some personal things to do (na sana magagawa ko). After Christmas, we will be at Cavite naman for the New Year before eventually go back to Manila and to the grind.

I just plotted my calendar for the coming weeks, and boy, looking at it made me exhausted! Sana and hopefully I'll be able to accomplish it all. Wish me luck!

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