Friday, October 24, 2008

You assume too much.

Yes you.

For me it was just a friendly thing, catching up with what's happening in your life. No malicious intent nor pun intended.

I never thought you would look at it the other way around. Gawd. And you even had to tell your friends about it.

Let me tell you this: I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but it will never be that way. Yes, I cannot hide the fact that you're something catchy, but not at this time of my life.

I am very much and happily married, married the huggable, lovable (ok, ok, I'll add this) handsome guy that God gave me. And God blessed me with 2 adorable, rambunctious children. Wouldn't miss nor replace that for anything.

Did I make myself clear?!

PS. Hay, ang haba tuloy ng buhok ko sa pangyayaring ito!!!! Wahahaha!!!
But, erghm, ehem... wag mag-ambisyon. Yun lang. Bow.

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