Monday, October 27, 2008

Prologue to the Iloilo Trip

This is an impromptu trip.

My uncle is sick, so the family decided that my dad should be the one to visit him, along with my mom. We decided to spend the health break at my in-laws (since the car was sold, we didn't have any means to go there lugging all our stuff). But my uncle is looking for ALL of us. So biglaan talaga ang trip.

My dad went ahead last Saturday. I thought all the while that he's there sometime 9am, but no, Air Philippines delayed the flight to 4 hours!!!!! Hay caramba!!! They gave excuses such as maintenance, etc. I know they have that, but they shouldn't offered the flight sched kung ganyan lang pala ka-tagal!

Anyway, got our tickets na. Gawd, ka-mahal. Kami pa lang ni hubby, 9k. Plus the 2 kids, mga 9k din. So aabot mga 18-20k. Kahit discounted na yan, mahal pa rin. Kung hindi promo ang ticket, times 2 ang presyo. Hay, hihimatayin ata ako sa mahal. Tapos sa NAIA 3 ang check-in. Sabi ko pa dun sa agent, "yun po ba yung nahuhulog ang kisame?" Hehe, oo daw.

Though I looked forward to the trip, feeling ko, full-time mader and yaya ako. Sana naman, pumayat pa ako, ano?!

Btw, it will be my little boy's first plane trip. So dapat i-document ito ng husto!

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