Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fish and Co.

We went to MOA last Sunday to check on possible plane flights. My folks are going home next weekend. While we were at MOA, we decided to eat at Fish and Co. It was a good experience.

We ordered Platter 2, if I'm not mistaken, Clam Chowder, Salad, Kid's meal, fish and chips and mussels. The seafood was really fresh. Clam chowder was taken cared of by my little boy, who finished it all up. Payat nga, lakas naman kumain. Le sigh. Hubby, bro and I ate the Platter 2 that consists of fries, shrimps, fish and chicken. The shrimps were really yummy, fish sweet and the fries - a bit spicy but okay. Little girl finished her kid's meal that consists of pasta. Since the little boy was a bit shy around people, the server gave him a complimentary balloon and iced tea. :)

Rating (1 as lowest, 5 highest):

Service - 5 - they really see to it that your needs are met, refillable drinks are replenished immediately and they fix your table to give way to your additional orders.

Food - 5 - literally, the seafood is fresh. Shrimps are yummy, fish is sweet and I think the mussels are also good (didn't get to eat them - takot ako eh!) The little boy likes the clam chowder.

Location - 4 - they have a branch in Makati - Greenbelt. Why 4? Medyo malayo sya sa sakayan, pero malapit sa Manila Bay.

Ambiance - 4 - we went there na walang masyadong tao. Because of that, the stroller can be parked near our table. Pero kung maraming tao, I doubt...

Over-all - 4.5 - I think mauulit ito, sulit naman eh :)

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