Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The day before

Yep, this is the day before the D-day.

I got a lot of things to do; some personal errands to run and finally packing.

Last night, hubby and I went to MOA to do some shopping - not for me, but for him. We also looked around for a padlock for our suitcases. After all the walking, we plopped down at Chocolat, and ate dessert. Yummy! More on that later.

My present concern is that little boy doesn't want to drink from the disposable bottle that I got last weekend. Wah! Need to psyche him up real good. I plan to buy his milk supply when we get there para hindi madami ang aming bitbit. As it is, we are lugging in the nebulizer (in case he gets an attack) and lots of medicines.

Oops, gotta run. Have some things to do and meet up with a friend for lunch. Will try to post details and take pictures. This may be my last post for the month, if not, for the week. Advance happy weekend, everyone!

PS. please do join my plurk!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Prologue to the Iloilo Trip

This is an impromptu trip.

My uncle is sick, so the family decided that my dad should be the one to visit him, along with my mom. We decided to spend the health break at my in-laws (since the car was sold, we didn't have any means to go there lugging all our stuff). But my uncle is looking for ALL of us. So biglaan talaga ang trip.

My dad went ahead last Saturday. I thought all the while that he's there sometime 9am, but no, Air Philippines delayed the flight to 4 hours!!!!! Hay caramba!!! They gave excuses such as maintenance, etc. I know they have that, but they shouldn't offered the flight sched kung ganyan lang pala ka-tagal!

Anyway, got our tickets na. Gawd, ka-mahal. Kami pa lang ni hubby, 9k. Plus the 2 kids, mga 9k din. So aabot mga 18-20k. Kahit discounted na yan, mahal pa rin. Kung hindi promo ang ticket, times 2 ang presyo. Hay, hihimatayin ata ako sa mahal. Tapos sa NAIA 3 ang check-in. Sabi ko pa dun sa agent, "yun po ba yung nahuhulog ang kisame?" Hehe, oo daw.

Though I looked forward to the trip, feeling ko, full-time mader and yaya ako. Sana naman, pumayat pa ako, ano?!

Btw, it will be my little boy's first plane trip. So dapat i-document ito ng husto!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm sprucing up my blog!

I've added some elements, as you may have noticed. Will add more if I can sneak in the time.

Will try to post details of our trip to Iloilo - pre and post departure. :)

As for the pictures - check my multiply/facebook/friendster site.

Dami, ano? Hehe.


You assume too much.

Yes you.

For me it was just a friendly thing, catching up with what's happening in your life. No malicious intent nor pun intended.

I never thought you would look at it the other way around. Gawd. And you even had to tell your friends about it.

Let me tell you this: I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but it will never be that way. Yes, I cannot hide the fact that you're something catchy, but not at this time of my life.

I am very much and happily married, married the huggable, lovable (ok, ok, I'll add this) handsome guy that God gave me. And God blessed me with 2 adorable, rambunctious children. Wouldn't miss nor replace that for anything.

Did I make myself clear?!

PS. Hay, ang haba tuloy ng buhok ko sa pangyayaring ito!!!! Wahahaha!!!
But, erghm, ehem... wag mag-ambisyon. Yun lang. Bow.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another announcement

Hindi naman sunod-sunod ang posts, ano?!?!

Hindi naman obvious.

But I would like to announce that...

We are leaving for Iloilo come next week. I'm excited!

Why? Vacay, yes, but not fully vacay, but visiting my uncle who's sick for quite sometime. Nag-ro-roll call na daw kasi, kaya we need to go home.

Wag munang humirit ng pasalubong ha?! Susubukan.

Welcome to my new site!

Please bear with me.

I still have to do some updates :)

And, officially now, this is the place where you want to check what's happening in my life :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fish and Co.

We went to MOA last Sunday to check on possible plane flights. My folks are going home next weekend. While we were at MOA, we decided to eat at Fish and Co. It was a good experience.

We ordered Platter 2, if I'm not mistaken, Clam Chowder, Salad, Kid's meal, fish and chips and mussels. The seafood was really fresh. Clam chowder was taken cared of by my little boy, who finished it all up. Payat nga, lakas naman kumain. Le sigh. Hubby, bro and I ate the Platter 2 that consists of fries, shrimps, fish and chicken. The shrimps were really yummy, fish sweet and the fries - a bit spicy but okay. Little girl finished her kid's meal that consists of pasta. Since the little boy was a bit shy around people, the server gave him a complimentary balloon and iced tea. :)

Rating (1 as lowest, 5 highest):

Service - 5 - they really see to it that your needs are met, refillable drinks are replenished immediately and they fix your table to give way to your additional orders.

Food - 5 - literally, the seafood is fresh. Shrimps are yummy, fish is sweet and I think the mussels are also good (didn't get to eat them - takot ako eh!) The little boy likes the clam chowder.

Location - 4 - they have a branch in Makati - Greenbelt. Why 4? Medyo malayo sya sa sakayan, pero malapit sa Manila Bay.

Ambiance - 4 - we went there na walang masyadong tao. Because of that, the stroller can be parked near our table. Pero kung maraming tao, I doubt...

Over-all - 4.5 - I think mauulit ito, sulit naman eh :)

1st Official Post

I am migrating most of my multiply blogs here. This is a mixture of my personal (private) and public (multiply) blogs.

Hopefully this will work.

Why Random Thoughts?

Random... anything that crosses into my mind..

So... randomness in the nth level!!

So, hook me up with you, please?

Thanks :)